Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Job Centricity Vs. Project Centricity

Have been on the road these days talking to customers, potential customers, prospects, suspects, partners and would be partners. Great learning and lot of feedback. Thanks you all!

One of the questions I have got the most is "Prasanna, you say you run on Jenkins. What value do you add? " I should say we add value from more than one ways, but the top that comes to my mind is the fact that "Jenkins is job centric and CloudMunch is project centric".

We use Jenkins to run jobs and it is one of the best to do that, but we strongly believe the customers wants a project, a module or a release to be delivered. What we have done is to wrap Jenkins with project constructs so that it is easier to connect to the ALM world. Now one can link this to a release in a requirement management tool, and a project in defect tracking tool or a project management tool. Link resources allocated to a project, everything will become easier if you move that entity up. Projects in the CloudMunch construct contains a branch, multiple jobs, multiple environments, multiple servers, a build progression workflow. All this wrapped in one entity helps evaluate software progress against its intended value, in a much better way.

This view has helped us discover interesting ways to view the project progress, build quality, code quality, team quality, and environment stability, while allowing project level reporting be transparent and real-time.

I thought this was relevant for a larger audience. Here you go. Keep them coming ...

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